What is the cost of IPhone8? Why is it more expensive than IPhone7?

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What is the IPhone8 material cost? What is the IPhone8 material cost? Sky-Iphonex BOM cost Total Price after the Apple press release, a iphonex material cost of 412.75 U.S. dollars, about 2700 yuan or so. By contrast, what would be the cost of materials without Iphonex so much black technology iPhone8?

IHS Markit, a data-research firm, gives theoretical material costs for Apple’s iphone 8 and iphone 8 Plus, with parts priced higher than the previous iphone 7 and the iphone 7 Plus.

According to IHS Analysis, the 64GB version of the iphone 8 materials cost 247.51 U.S. dollars (about 1640 yuan), compared to the 32GB version of the iphone 7 of the 237.94 U.S. dollar (about 1570 yuan) increased; and 64GB iphone 8 The plus material cost of $288.08 (about 1910 yuan) is also higher than the $270.88 (about 1790 Yuan) in the 32GB version of the iphone 7 plus.

IPhone 8/plus Material Cost Exposure: screen shell is the most expensive

IHS notes that the most expensive parts of the iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus are screens and enclosures, the new wireless charging controller increases costs by about $2, and memory from 32GB to 64GB to raise costs by $6, and new A11 bionic chips cost up to $5.

Therefore, from the exposure of the iPhone8 material costs, we can not be difficult to understand why the price of IPhone8 is higher than the previous generation of the sale prices are many, which is why the replacement of the IPHONE8 rear cover maintenance price so high one of the reasons.

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