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256GB version of the iphone 7 sold out, IPhone8 sales still bleak

When the iphone 8 series and iphone x were released last month, Apple also had a 256GB high-capacity iphone 7 and 7 Plus. Obviously, this is to make way for the iphone 8 series, an adjustment made by Apple to boost sales of the iphone 8 series. Unfortunately, however, the results may disappoint Apple.

256GB version of the iphone 7 sold out, IPhone8 sales still bleak

256GB version of the iphone 7 sold out, IPhone8 sales still bleak

It is reported that although the new iphone 8 series has a 256GB large-capacity version, and each product is available for sale, however, there are still many users choose last year’s iphone 7 Series products. The iphone 8 is not even as good as the iphone 7 that has been launched for a year, according to U.S. mobile operators. At the same time, some consumers complain that the 10 anniversary of the special edition of the iphone x supplies too little, many people are anxiously awaiting the new product.
In addition, Google’s search data show that consumers ‘ interest in the iphone 7 is higher than the iphone 8. The Monday KeyBanc Capital Market survey showed that 2017 iphone 7 sales were outpacing the iphone 8. The IPhone 8 is equipped with a more brutal A11 bionic processor that supports portrait mode, allowing users to adapt themselves to the effects of self-portraits in more complex environments. It also supports wireless charging capabilities.
Apple is planning to push the iphone 8 series new sales, but this time it may be disappointed. Because only really good products can arouse people’s desire to buy, the iphone 8 series is quite normal compared with the previous generation, and the iphone 8 sales are surprisingly cold.

What is the cost of IPhone8? Why is it more expensive than IPhone7?

What is the IPhone8 material cost? What is the IPhone8 material cost? Sky-Iphonex BOM cost Total Price after the Apple press release, a iphonex material cost of 412.75 U.S. dollars, about 2700 yuan or so. By contrast, what would be the cost of materials without Iphonex so much black technology iPhone8?

IHS Markit, a data-research firm, gives theoretical material costs for Apple’s iphone 8 and iphone 8 Plus, with parts priced higher than the previous iphone 7 and the iphone 7 Plus.

According to IHS Analysis, the 64GB version of the iphone 8 materials cost 247.51 U.S. dollars (about 1640 yuan), compared to the 32GB version of the iphone 7 of the 237.94 U.S. dollar (about 1570 yuan) increased; and 64GB iphone 8 The plus material cost of $288.08 (about 1910 yuan) is also higher than the $270.88 (about 1790 Yuan) in the 32GB version of the iphone 7 plus.

IPhone 8/plus Material Cost Exposure: screen shell is the most expensive

IHS notes that the most expensive parts of the iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus are screens and enclosures, the new wireless charging controller increases costs by about $2, and memory from 32GB to 64GB to raise costs by $6, and new A11 bionic chips cost up to $5.

Therefore, from the exposure of the iPhone8 material costs, we can not be difficult to understand why the price of IPhone8 is higher than the previous generation of the sale prices are many, which is why the replacement of the IPHONE8 rear cover maintenance price so high one of the reasons.

How to turn off IPhone8 TrueTone features

One of the highlights of IPhone8 is to add the TrueTone function, which allows IPhone8 to adjust color temperature according to the environment around the phone. Specifically, TrueTone display was first used by Apple in March 2016 to publish the 9.7-inch ipad Pro, is the use of RGBW four channel ambient light sensor, according to the ambient light conditions, automatically adjust the screen color temperature and display brightness technology, Make screen reading more comfortable and natural.

But some users do not adapt to the IPhone8 truetone after the yellow screen effect, so want to turn off this turetone function. So the next little story will teach you how to turn off IPhone8 ‘s TrueTone function.

1. IPhone8 Click to enter the “Settings” menu, down to “display and brightness”;

2. Click to enter “Display and brightness”, under the “brightness” to close the TrueTone;

3. IPhone8 completes the TrueTone function to close.

Do you want to buy iPhone8? After reading these 8 reasons, you will not tangle

IPhone8 and Iphonex at the same time released to break the Apple used to follow the Tock law, two steps and one step, embarrassed IPhone8, also embarrassed want to change the consumer. IPhone8 compared with the previous generation, the appearance changes little, the actual feeling also has no unusual feeling. Compared with the “future” Iphonex, the value of Yan is not enough black technology, it feels like using a mechanical keyboard no longer want to return to the film keyboard. One sentence: worse, living. Everyone’s desire to buy is not as strong as before.


Iphonex may not buy, iPhone7 and not good enough, in the end is Iphonex or first IPhone8 became a lot of small partners of trouble. Estimated that Apple itself also feel the consumer embarrassment, so personally tell you buy IPhone8 8 reasons, after watching you don’t tangle in the end buy IPhone8.

Reason 1: ultra-durable double-sided glass fuselage design

The IPhone8 is used as the world’s most powerful glass fuselage, with durability over any generation of iphones (you count the number of Apple’s two-sided glass-fuselage iphone). Undeniably, the glass fuselage does let IPhone8 ‘s quality sense raise a grade, more mellow fitting palm, especially without the cold feeling of aluminum alloy, a word “cool”.


Reason 2: Portrait light Effect Mode

Portrait light Effect is the first introduction of the photo of Apple, can let the photo intelligently according to the needs of the adjustment of light efficiency, to shoot a variety of high force of the portrait picture. Xiao Bian predicts that IPhone8 ‘s light function will be imitated by various photo apps in the near future.


Reason 3: Wireless charging

This reason, the small part just want to use a word to express-finally wait until you, fortunately I did not give up.


Reason 4: A11 bionic processor

A11 processor Silent seconds all Android U, the Macbook pro on the U is not its opponent. This is the best reason to think about buying IPhone8, but Apple puts it in fourth place. Understand?


Reason 5: The most popular camera

Parameter specifications on the main camera compared to the previous generation unchanged, in fact, IPhone8 used a larger photosensitive elements, photo details than IPhone7 more excellent, especially in the dark light, weak light environment, iPhone8 image quality better than IPhone7.


Reason 6: IP67 Waterproof and dustproof

There is no good reason to say this, or sing it, lyrics for the same reason 3.


Reason 7: Retina HD display

IPhone8 screen is equivalent to a copy of the ipad screen, in the color restore more accurate and delicate, joined the TrueTone function to allow the screen automatically according to ambient light for heating and cooling adjustment, but also a use of the reasons for not going back. Think of the MacBook Pro screen and think of the MacBook Air screen (I admit, this metaphor exaggerates) …


Reason 8: AR

The A11 processor is optimized for AR, so after AR application is popularized, it will see a significant difference from the previous generation, such as the screen experience, smoothness and energy consumption on AR.

Iphone8 concept pictures

Iphone8 concept pictures

Iphone8 concept pictures

Iphone8 concept pictures

Iphone8 concept pictures

Iphone8, Apple’s eighth generation mobile phone.
IPhone8, the screen is 4.5 inches, the body adopts aluminum, glass, carbon fiber and create 14 carat gold and other materials, the cover has a solar charging board. Its top is equipped with a 25 million pixel camera, front camera is 5 million pixels. Hom key it is too big, Cook saw the estimated to be crazy. It’s a very narrow border is only 71 mm wide, through the side of the laser projector to project a virtual keyboard keyboard, with the sense of science and technology.
A version of the iPhone8 concept design the shape of iron man when struck when some friends still think iPhone 6S is what it looks like, some people have begun to iPhone 7, but the concept of the designers is bold and advanced, they have begun to design iPhone 8, the designer named M.Merkler is so.
Iphone8 concept map
The concept behind the design is the most cool place mobile phone Apple logo, the built-in logo RGB Mini LED lights, it will be based on the notification received to show different colors of light. See here, there’s no style like Iron Man (iron man). Around the logo is also equipped with a brushed aluminum cover, open it can be placed in your SIM card, the overall style and shiny light people can not help but think of the iron man.
In the configuration, this model is equipped with a 25 million pixel rear camera, equipped with LED flash, and solar panel charging. The front camera is 5 million pixels, with a flash and a special light sensor. The fuselage uses Aluminum Alloy and glass, carbon fiber and 14 karat gold material. If you ask me, the key Home Touch ID is too grandiose point?
This mobile phone screen is 4.5 inches, which is also a laser projection keyboard, so no integrity, do not play with this christmas.
Insiders broke the news iPhone 8 will use Samsung display, and will be released in 2017.