How to turn off IPhone8 TrueTone features

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One of the highlights of IPhone8 is to add the TrueTone function, which allows IPhone8 to adjust color temperature according to the environment around the phone. Specifically, TrueTone display was first used by Apple in March 2016 to publish the 9.7-inch ipad Pro, is the use of RGBW four channel ambient light sensor, according to the ambient light conditions, automatically adjust the screen color temperature and display brightness technology, Make screen reading more comfortable and natural.

But some users do not adapt to the IPhone8 truetone after the yellow screen effect, so want to turn off this turetone function. So the next little story will teach you how to turn off IPhone8 ‘s TrueTone function.

1. IPhone8 Click to enter the “Settings” menu, down to “display and brightness”;

2. Click to enter “Display and brightness”, under the “brightness” to close the TrueTone;

3. IPhone8 completes the TrueTone function to close.

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