IPhone x Exposure “Frozen screen” bug, want to buy a wait

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The iphone has been on sale for some time now, and the phone is being sold all over the world. However, the charm of the iphone X, which continues to be a perfect successor to the iphone’s important feature in previous years, is that the initial launch of the new machine often exposes a variety of problems. After the previous burning screen problem, a few days ago, a user said that the iphone x encountered the problem of touch failure.

IPhone x Exposure "Frozen screen" bug, want to buy a wait

IPhone x Exposure “Frozen screen” bug, want to buy a wait

According to media reports, some iphone x users on the network, the mobile phone screen in close to 0 degrees will appear to lose control of the problem, the impact of the experience. Apple, however, has officially confirmed the problem for the first time and has claimed it will be repaired by subsequent software updates. In this view, this should not be the hardware problem of iphone X.
Apple said iOS devices should be used at temperatures of 0-35 degrees Celsius, but the problem was not as severe as the ambient temperature below 0 degrees. In response, Apple reported that this situation mainly occurs when the ambient temperature suddenly drops, the IPhone X will not respond to the user’s operation, but will return to normal use in a few seconds. Apple today released The iOS 11.1.1, which is expected to be pushed by the end of the year, when the freeze-screen bug is expected to be resolved.

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