IPhone x Evaluation of all of you here is a full screen phone …

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A decade ago, the first iphone was unveiled, ushering in a new era of touch-screen smartphones. Ten years later, Apple launched the first commemorative edition of Iphone–iphone X. In this period, once and Apple head-on fight the Nokia, HTC and so on has been a precarious trend, to Huawei as the representative of domestic manufacturers although the rapid rise, but still hard to shake apple this tree. The only thing that can be said to surpass Apple is Samsung, and of course I’m just saying sales.

IPhone x Evaluation of all of you here is a full screen phone ...

IPhone x Evaluation of all of you here is a full screen phone …

The IPhone x uses the most varied design language in recent years, keeping up with the full screen, and pulling up the upper limit of overall screen design for the entire industry. If you ignore the left, right, and bottom borders, the IPhone x screen can easily kill a variety of Android full screen of the emperor. But due to screen display technology, these extra borders are compelling.
The same can be seen in the place of compromise, and there is a prominent vertical double shot on the back. The cause of the bulge is clear, the thickness of the dual-camera module is placed there; the camera’s vertical alignment is not about making a difference with the iphone 8 Plus, but because the top-level “bangs” of the screen squeezes the space inside the phone and the location of the two cameras has to be compromised.
The iphone 8 Series and iphone x can be said to be identical in appearance to the two-sided glass fuselage. But the iphone x metal frame material for stainless steel, stainless steel compared to aluminum alloy has more obvious metal texture, of course, in the sense of the grade also more in line with the overall positioning of the iphone x. From the side of the past, flashing stainless steel and quiet black glass combination, product temperament immediately highlighted.
With the full screen design of the more shocking visual effects and a new interactive experience, the disappearance is the classic round home key. Even in the era of fingerprint recognition, Apple did not let the home button disappear, but in the full screen of the raging torrent, it has become a history.

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