IPhone X’s best friend is no longer worried about power

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With the listing of iphone X, the market has ushered in a wave of Apple users peak purchase. The IPhone x has a very beautiful overall screen design, with super retina screen, 5.8-inch OLED material screen also uses true tone technology, and with wireless charging technology. Of course, the most notable is the face ID function, it allows facial recognition completely replace the fingerprint identification, unlock speed, recognition rate is not lost in the traditional fingerprint unlock.

IPhone X's best friend is no longer worried about power

IPhone X’s best friend is no longer worried about power

Of course, in the face of the iphone x so many new features, “Rechargeable life” this iphone dynasties of the “long-standing” problems, naturally also caused more and more Apple users attention. While the IPhone x supports wireless charging technology, the policy of Apple’s official Belkin Boost up the price of a very non pro-people and the purchase of a wireless charger base, home, go out, the company each prepared a clearly unrealistic.
So, in this era of “no power”, carrying data lines and “rechargeable treasure” has become a choice for many iphone users. So, in today’s market of many mobile phone charging line and charging Bao products, there are several practical and safe charging options? I believe that after reading this Anker data line and Super charge evaluation, you will naturally have the answer.
We first look at the data line, Anker Data line packaging or very special features, specifically for the data line prepared a storage package, in addition to more beautiful and exquisite, more conducive to the long-term storage of products, this may be with Anker want to make the data line of this consumables made of durable goods beginner has a direct relationship. In addition, for those who like to have structured items, the packaging is very intimate.
Apple’s old users all know that MFI certification is a data line that can withstand Apple’s stringent requirements on the product is very strong basis, on the outer packaging we found such a certification logo. After the query, Anker data line indeed passed the certification, the quality of the parts basically will not have any problems.
Shape design, the size and width of the super charger similar to the iphone 8 plus mobile phone, Anker logo again appear, but not publicity, from a certain angle can see the reflected Matt. As a result of the use of plastic abrasive material, the product surface presents a unique texture, rounded corner design, so that the grip of the feeling more comfortable, the actual use of the process is not easy to leave fingerprints.

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