IPhone Plus 8, the world’s first explosion, I can’t afford it

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IPhone Plus 8, the world's first explosion, I can't afford it

IPhone Plus 8, the world’s first explosion, I can’t afford it

According to Taiwan media reports, a woman’s iPhone 8 Plus exploded when charging, which is the world’s first explosion of iPhone 8 Plus.
The party said, when the phone has seventy percent of the electricity, in order to chase the play to see the film, plug in the power to continue charging, I did not expect 3 minutes, the mobile phone shell burst, but there is no explosion sound. The person said it was using an apple charger instead of a third party charger, which has been sent to apple for testing.
Everyone a headache is the current intelligent mobile phone power consumption, people life rhythm is very fast, most people have a play while charging the mobile phone experience, in fact, this is a very bad habit, will not only affect the mobile phone mobile phone plug game screen and battery life, but also very dangerous, will happen because of the edge charge while playing explosion events each year. At present, most mobile phones support fast charge, charging is very fast, in order to avoid the risk of occurrence, we play less than a while, mobile phones can not delay much time.

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