What’s the best after the IPhone 7 plus experience?

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What's the best after the IPhone 7 plus experience?

What’s the best after the IPhone 7 plus experience?

The first purchase of the iphone 7 plus there are yellow, current sound problems, in fact, the single point of upgrade to attract me is also a waterproof function, because of S7 ‘s sake, there is a waterproof function can be significantly improved in practicality. Places like dual lenses, processor upgrades, and iOS are not the ones I care about the most, because, according to Apple’s consistent performance, these feature points and hardware upgrades don’t have to worry at all. The biggest feeling of using this period of time is that the iphone is not drastically changed, it can continue to use the iphone user habits, and let them rely on the use of iOS system, based on this improvement, although it will inevitably be spit groove appearance, functional innovation, But the iphone is a generational upgrade.
This new home key experience is great, and it’s one of the biggest changes. The previous entity home key existence, many people are afraid to press the time long the entity key damage, loses presses the strength and opens the auxiliary function the “small dot”, then after the iphone 7 this generation model, may not need to do so. Pressure-sensitive home key lose, on the one hand after the force feedback to join the realization of similar Force Touch function, although the shape seems to be the home button, but the feeling of pressure is completely through the Taptic engine established, The corresponding vibration feedback can be obtained by setting 3 different dynamics. At first this kind of touch and pressing method does need time to adapt, but fortunately this process is not long, basically a few minutes you can master its operating methods and feedback logic, natural transition.
Of course, the IPhone 7 home button also has a place to vomit, first of all, if you wear gloves in winter, don’t think about it. In addition, in most cases hand-held mobile phones can get a good touch feedback effect, but when the phone on the table, being mounted on a car bracket, it is very uncomfortable to press, you can experience the feedback is rather small, and there is no entity button that kind of press down the feeling, especially when the stent on the experience is very twisted. But overall, the iphone 7, with its Taptic engine module, is ahead of the home button experience.
According to a previous survey, the IPhone 7 Plus is one of the biggest reasons to attract users to buy a double camera. If in accordance with the previous use of personal habits, the small number of iphone 7 is I should choose, from the size of the fuselage, the convenience of one-handed operation and portability and other reasons, it should be preferred, but who let the dual-camera is only a plus version of the configuration? Buy is not the same, the appearance has been spit trough no innovation, then simply buy a clearly can not see the same plus version is wonderful.

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