Most favored big screen mobile Iphone 7 Plus

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Apple iphone 7 plus uses a new A10 processor chip with four cores, a big boost from the previous two cores. At the same time, running the memory from the previous 2GB to 3GB, run a new ISO 10 system, and added a dust-proof waterproof practical function, the machine performance is excellent, want to start a friend can seize the opportunity oh.

Apple’s iphone 7 plus uses a 5.5-inch Full HD screen with a resolution higher than the 4.7-inch iphone 7 1334×750 pixel. Like the iphone 7, the machine also features a new black and bright black configuration that cancels 3.5mm headphone connectors and has a dustproof and waterproof function. The machine uses a four core A10 processor, running iOS 10 system, memory also increased to 3GB, making the machine more powerful performance. In addition, the IPhone 7 plus rear lens was first designed with a dual lens, with a 12 million-megapixel wide-angle and long Gio Di lens camera, with a corresponding front lens of 7 million pixels.
In addition, Apple iphone 7 plus also canceled the previous “antenna”, and in the back of the mobile phone is no longer a three-stage design, more breakthrough in performance improvements, Apple iphone 7 plus also joined the waterproof and dustproof function, users can no longer worry about the mobile phone water and other problems, even if accidentally fell into the waters Without fear of damage. Apple’s iphone 7 plus also features a dual-camera configuration, with two 12 million-megapixel wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the back, and a much less photographed effect.

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