How big is the IPhone 7 camera? Mostly to see who’s better than who

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The hot spots around the IPhone 7 have been largely focused on a new bright black color, plus version of the dual-camera, the cancellation of headphone interface, stronger performance and waterproof features, the most impressive upgrade, the most impressive is only a guide to the next mobile phone color new trend of bright black, The rest is basically boring, and according to Apple’s usual routine, even a low configuration can have a relatively better experience, which is what Apple is good at.

How big is the IPhone 7 camera? Mostly to see who's better than who

How big is the IPhone 7 camera? Mostly to see who’s better than who

Although the two-year design change has been broken on the iphone 7, the iphone 7 has been upgraded to the largest number of generations in terms of overall change. Today we mainly look at the features of the photo section, if you are considering the iphone 7 Plus because of the dual-camera, but the budget is limited, in fact, the iphone 7 is worth getting started, the visual changes brought about by the dual camera are not as big as you think, even if you are the iphone 6s users, we still recommend generational upgrades.
Optical stabilization has become the standard of the iphone 7 generation, and the contrast between the iphone 6s Plus optical stabilization is no different, but the iphone 6s is only equipped with automatic image stabilization, which is the traditional electronic stabilization, but the difference is very large.
At present, the optical stabilization function on the phone to cope with daily handheld shooting, dark light and night photography will be helpful, not enough to say resistance to large, more intense jitter. It detects the direction of jitter through the gyroscope, and makes the reverse direction offset to counteract the vibration, so as to achieve a stable photographic environment, so that the proofs are not paste, not empty, the iphone 7 and the iphone 6s are equipped with four-shift offset fire.

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