IPhone 7 Evaluation: It’s a good phone, but it’s not a myth.

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If compared with the previous iphone 4 retina Display, iphone 5s’s touch ID, iphone 6 proposed Apple Pay and iphone 6s’s 3D touch, the iphone 7 It’s really hard to think of anything that can lead to innovation across the industry. However, this is a “no innovation” product, in the initial pre-sale was again mad Rob. Apple iphone is such a contradictory product, the user side mouth said that this is not good, while the happy brushing the kidney to pay.

IPhone 7 Evaluation: It's a good phone, but it's not a myth.

IPhone 7 Evaluation: It’s a good phone, but it’s not a myth.

The iphone 7 Series is still lackluster in appearance design, but it is on the iphone 6 based on modification, is still the border and can not bear to look directly at the screen, the antenna also because the Phantom Pro 6 guessed ahead, and let part of the fruit powder less a point of excitement, The overall design of the bright spot is probably two new color version of the addition.
The iphone 7/7 Plus, with a new generation of A10 fusion chips, has ended the iphone’s dual-core history with the adoption of the four core design. A10 Fusion has two high-performance cores and two highly energy-efficient cores, with high performance core frequencies up to 2.33GHz, compared to the iphone 6 (A8) 1.4GHz and iphone 6s (A9) 1.85GHz, have a larger boost, even more than the ipad Pro (A9X) 2.3GHz, so the iphone 7/7 plus performance has improved greatly.
On the whole, the IPhone 7/7 Plus is still one of the best smartphones at the moment, but there’s no need to myth it, after all, a good tool. And it is no longer the same as it used to be, in many ways it is no longer a benchmark.

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