No longer than 4 hours? Iphone’s a little tough this time

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It’s definitely not the iphone x that’s the highlight of this autumn’s new Apple launch. But before the arrival of the cook’s “One more Thing”, the next generation of Apple Watch Series 3 cellular was a brighter sight than the 8/8 plus of the iphone. Small red dot design Let the original slightly plain appearance more a glimmer of light, can be separated from the mobile phone use of the characteristics of the Independent is to make its utility greatly improved, but such a small fuselage, life time can guarantee mody?

No longer than 4 hours? Iphone's a little tough this time

No longer than 4 hours? Iphone’s a little tough this time

Recently, the media said that Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular version of the 4G network, after an hour off the phone to continue to talk about the electricity after an emergency, and in the open GPS status of outdoor sports time also plunged to 5 hours, this is the official declared 10 hours have a significant gap.
Although most of the time we will not be completely out of the cell phone use, but this performance and official signs of the difference is far from the same time to open the GPS and 4G network standby for 4 hours, considering the daytime use of work to go to the gym, perhaps not even a day to hold down. The promotion of function will inevitably accompany with the increase of power consumption, but often wear in the body of the thing that is still supposed to balance the two better, too short of standby is really not very friendly to the user.

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