for ipod touch case/touch 5g case

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for ipod touch case/touch 5g case

for ipod touch case/touch 5g case product introduction:

for waterproof ipod touch
Fit 1.Perfect for swimming, diving
2.Complete waterproof
3.Welcome OEM, ODM design


2013 stylish fully for waterproof ipod touch


Protects your phone, if you swimming, diving
Various other design option, welcome new design:


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Smartphone waterproof housing
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Sylish for iPhone 5 waterproof housing
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Underwater housing for Samsung touch 2
Underwater housing for Samsung s4
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Samsung waterproof camera bag
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stylish for waterproof iPhone 5 “case
waterproof case for Galaxy note
for ipod touch case/touch 5g case company profile:
Shenzhen Huaqin technology co., Ltd is an innovative company based in Shenzhen. With a team of professional and experienced ladies and gentlemen, we are obliged, design, develop, and deliver quality products, such as fashionable mobile phone pocket, as well as innovative mobile phone accessories. We strive, superior customer service and technical support for each customer with interest at. OEM and ODM designs are welcome.
Our factory, GOFuture technology, is located in Jia is a…

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