Braided Accent Case For IPOD Touch 5 Protector

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Braided Accent Case For IPOD Touch 5 Protector

Braided Accent Case For IPOD Touch 5 Protector product introduction:

1.100% fit perfectly to your device
2. Better quality
3. Beautiful design
4. prompt delivery
5. First-class service


Product information:


1. Fashionable braided plastic Protector for iPod touch 5
Artworking superior technology; elegant and fashionable design
Material offers a nice and smooth moving
Stylish and unique design will penetrate into the market and push the sales rising
Lightweight and easy to carry
Resonable and affordable price advantage over another colleague


2. PLS be assured that all products are tested and carefully tested before shipment


3. Large quantity in stock, with monthly production capacity of 500000 pieces


4. Shipping payment will be settled within the earliest time frame.


5. We guarantee that all products for one year be justified


6. Excellent service, customer-oriented; Your satisfaction 100%.


If you are not satisfied with our service, pls contact us and we can help with patience and secerity cope you uncomfortable with any questions.
For more information:


Made from eco-friendly, bright and durable material


Any kind of color is for production; can be designed and as per clients ‘ requirements are made
Design beautiful; amazing, stunning. modern; cute
1. 100% compatiable perfectly for your device


2. Lightweight; Better quality and fastness; Breathtaking view can be stored long.


3. Prevention of dust and scratch removal, bump – and oil-resistant. washable


4. Durable and flexiable; Well elastcity, can be easily twisted and folded, without deformation
Function main function is to prevent your phone from scratching; to add to a glamorous and decorative accent to your phone
Quality, we have a professional team of inspectors; Products are carefully tested, 100% control during production and before shipment.
Blister card packaging + bags + swatch + gift box + cardboard box; Distinctive customized packaging is highly respected customers and we will carry out accordingly.
Preparatory and start-up time 5-7 days after order confirmed
Shipping shipping is carried out promptly by selective Transportion model by DHL / UPS / FedEx / EMS is underway
Payment T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram, cash, pls choose a most favorable and convenient payment method for you.


GGIT can you all kinds of mobile phone accessories with the best service you could never imagine, for GGIT is a professional supplier in the export business line of cell phone accessories. We can you spare parts such as mobile phone LCD, touch, flex, battery, case, antenna, USB data cable, free hand, cellphone, etc. We welcome you to our website, have a look at our latest eye-catching produtcs. We are willing to be of your service.


If you are interested in some of our other products, please visit our
Web site or contact us for more information. We look forward to
Establishing long-term relationships with you in the near future.


Our delivery time


The prepare time for mobile phone spare parts and accessories are different.
For mobile spare parts: 3-4 days


For cell phone accessories: 7 15 days


Our guarantee / warranty:


(1) There is deficiency, please inform competent sales within 15 days after the customers get marketed.


(2) If it defective ones without QC labels, such as casing, keyboard, battery, etc, please inform competent sales within 30 days after the customers get marketed.


3) If defective who marked QC label, such as LCD, Flex cable, advise it etc. Within 60 days after the customers receive marketed pls sales.


(4) If the products are held by our local habit, we will take on any price.


All the above conditions is not artificially be damaged. And the returned parts are required, be packed around the same that we shipped. The QC labels can not be removed or spoiled.
If justified over the specified period of time, it is ignored.
Braided Accent Case For IPOD Touch 5 Protector company profile:
Founded in 1998, we are a professional supplier and exporter, in the technical design, research, manufacture and marketing of mobile phone accessories and spare parts including cell phone pockets, LCDs, Flex cable, touch screens, enclosures USB data cable specialized, handsfrees, chargers, speakers, etc.
We have always devote ourselves to the principle of “quality first”, and in the past 15 years, we have constantly strived to develop new products. Our complete…

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