Apple Black Tech glasses will make full screen phone’s biggest opponent

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In 2016, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) equipment was fired very fire, and even Mr (mixed reality) equipment, but before long, we basically left behind the brain, only HTC and a few manufacturers are still in the field of VR. Unexpectedly, this year, AR technology again fire up, first Apple for iOS developed Arkit, after Google for the Android system released a new developer platform Arcore. As the technology industry’s two leaders, both Apple and Google have started to develop AR devices, which suggests that ar or will become a popular trend.

Apple Black Tech glasses will make full screen phone's biggest opponent

Apple Black Tech glasses will make full screen phone’s biggest opponent

According to Bloomberg, Apple will launch AR augmented reality equipment in 2019, with a display and noise-canceling headphones, a new chip and a new operating system, which is now known as the “ROS” or “Reality keyboard-based system” inside Apple. It is understood that the device supports mapping, messaging, and virtual meeting room functions. Earlier this year, Apple applied for a patent to describe the device’s working scene. In addition, Apple’s engineers are developing multiple ways of interacting with the device, such as gestures, touch panels, and Siri voice control.
In recent years, many of the new products, such as smart watches, full screen phones, airpods Bluetooth headsets, and so on, but Apple’s experience is far ahead of other brands. At present, AR, VR technology is also just starting, not very mature, experience is not good, but once apple out of such products, the experience of such products will be a step further, Apple or will become the industry leader again.

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